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Tennis Strings Cyber Twirl – 5-square polyester tennis string with exceptional control properties

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Not only choosing the right tennis racket , but also the right strings with the right tennis string is necessary in order to achieve the best performance on the tennis court . Each tennis string has individual characteristics that promote your playing style or can counteract this . A detailed analysis of tennis string is therefore of paramount importance in order to reach your full potential on the court can.

The Topspin Cyber Twirl is a co-polyester of the third generation, which is pentagonal in shape, with a revised molecular structure . The extremely rough tennis string has optimal spin and has exceptional ball control and playing comfort . More Topspin does not work! Who wants to put his opponent from the baseline with powerful topspin strokes under pressure has the prefect with the Topspin Cyber Twirl:

– Co – polyester tennis string of 3 generation

– Pentagonal profile

– Rough texture

– Exceptional spin , ball control and playing comfort


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