TOOLZ Yoga Ring

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TOOLZ Yoga Ring

We have developed a range of fitness products that are as unique as your personal goals.
To best achieve your goals, make sure all six categories are included in your fitness program.
Mix and combine equipment and workouts for optimal fitness results.

The Yoga Wheel is an ideal support for your Yoga and Pilates training. The TOOLZ Yoga Wheel is a very sturdy wheel made of durable material with a skin-friendly and non-slip TPE surface that is perforated and feels comfortable to the body. Yoga wheels are used in therapy to improve balance, flexibility and mobility. They can be used to support the spine during back exercises. They also improve their general posture. It helps beginners with stretching and positively affects flexibility. For advanced yogis, it is a perfect solution to take their balance to the next level. Use your yoga bike wherever you like, whether at home, in the park or in the studio. Our ring is a popular yoga aid where stretching exercises, especially in the chest, can be effectively implemented without the technique suffering from it.


1x Yoga ring with a diameter of approx. 32cm with a perforated, soft surface.