TOOLZ Udvideligtbælte – Pro

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TOOLZ Expandable Belt – Pro

  • Optimized for your training
  • Purpose: Improvement of leg work and stability in sport
  • Consists of: a hip belt, 2 ankle buckles and several (rubber) straps
  • Velcro system for hip belt and ankle buckles, adjustable in size
  • very suitable for tennis, badminton, football, etc.
  • quick and easy to use
  • small and handy
  • supplied with bag

Product information:

The TOOLZ Expandable Belt – Pro consists of a hip belt and 2 ankle straps, which are connected with 3 elastic bands on each side. These ensure that the athlete constantly holds tension in the legs (thighs, calves) and that he or she is able to hold tension. The training aid is quick and easy to use and comes with a storage bag. This TOOL is excellently suited for training leg work as well as body tension. It is therefore ideal for various sports such as tennis, badminton and hockey.