TOOLZ Træningshjul – DIA

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Product description:

We have developed a range of fitness products that are as unique as your personal goals. The TOOLZ Abdominal Roller strengthens your arms, abdominal muscles, shoulders and back and gives them new training stimuli to take your fitness to a new level.

How does this thing work and for whom is it suitable?

In order to use the Toolz belly roller effectively, you should take a push-up position or roll forward on your knees. The degree of difficulty can be adjusted by the user’s own movement: the further you roll, the greater the tension. The abdominal muscle wheel is designed for gentle and controlled movements. The wide wheel prevents slipping. The anti-slip grip on the comfortable handles counteracts slipping with the hands. Thus nothing more stands in the way of the strength training of the upper body!

Product information:

  • Strengthening of the upper body
  • abdominal trainer
  • Training wheel with removable steel bar
  • Colour: black/green