TOOLZ Træningshække – Set af 5 stk.

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The Toolz training hurdles are indispensable for a successful plyometric training. In addition to explosive power and reactive power, you can train your explosive power intensively with jump combinations. By using the hurdles in your training you can improve your agility optimally.

After you have successfully completed the training, “higher, faster, further” becomes your motto. Become better and in the future overcome all obstacles that stand in your way with bravura.

How does this thing work and for whom is it suitable?

You can increase your explosive power, reactive power and fast power through various jump techniques and combinations. With the help of the hurdles you have the possibility to control the height of your jumps and to give you an incentive to have to jump over an obstacle and thus a certain height. The integration of the hurdles into a course in combination with many changes of direction can help you to train your agility. By different jumping and running variants over the hurdles your coordination ability can be trained and contribute to the improvement of the leg work. The hurdles set can be used in jumping, running and coordination training for team athletes, but also for individual athletes. Due to the wide range of possible uses, it is possible to train individually and specifically for each type of sport.

Product information:

  • Set of 5
  • Hurdles are individually height adjustable in 2 heights
  • Dimensions: height: up to max. 29 cm and width: 47 cm
  • with practical carrying bag
  • Colour: neon green/black
  • Material: plastic