TOOLZ Super Band – XL

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The Toolz sports band is the ideal sports equipment for your workout. Besides power, you can bring your flexibility to a new level. Grab the tape and make your exercises even more effective. Get ready and get your Toolz Superband. # Become flexible

What’s that and who’s it for?

You can perform numerous exercises with the ligaments and thus design your strength exercises with individual resistances. Combine equipment training with free training to set optimal training stimuli. By using the fitness bands the muscles get an additional training stimulus, which increases the effectiveness. The strength exercises can thus be performed gently and consciously. The ligaments can also be used to strengthen the flexibility and mobility of the body through stretching exercises. Due to the 5 different resistance strengths it is possible to adjust the training exactly:

  1. XL (red) – Super Light Resistance
  2. L (black) – Light Resistance
  3. M (purple) – Medium Resistance
  4. H (green) – Heavy Resistance
  5. XH (blue) – Super Heavy Resistance

Product information:

  • To improve the power capacity
  • Mobility training
  • Made of high quality latex
  • Various thicknesses available
  • Loop tape