TOOLZ Medicine Ball 1 Kg

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The Toolz medicine ball is perfect for fast strength, explosive strength and strength endurance training. Whether you are doing overhead movements or dynamic movements sideways from the body as well as static holding exercises, the medical ball workouts get your body in shape and improve your strength while at the same time training your coordination skills. Get ready for your hard whole body workout and steel your body!

How does this thing work and for whom is it suitable?

Both overhead movements, lateral rotational movements with arms and legs as well as lifting work can be performed in order to specifically address and strengthen the muscle groups to be trained. There is the possibility to throw the medicine ball against a wall or to design the exercises with one or more training partners. The usability is versatile, whether as a supplement for your own workout at home or on the court, for physiotherapy, rehabilitation or for fitness studios that want to offer a fitness course with professional material.

Product information:

  • Rubberized surface
  • Rubber contents
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Color: Black/Neongreen
  • Easy jumping possible
  • Excellent grip and robust material
  • Suitable for training all muscle groups