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The Toolz hoop is the ideal fitness equipment if you want to combine fun and hard work. You can set a record in the number of hip swings you make with the tire, while improving your coordination and using the tire as a marker for certain exercises. The fitness tyre is not only a fun challenge, it can also help to improve the precision of throws and strokes. Grab your TOOLZ tire and take your fitness to the next level.

How does this thing work and for whom is it suitable?

By combining several tyres on the ground, a kind of coordination ladder can be built. The coordination and speed can be improved by different step sequences. The Toolz tyre can be rolled or thrown backwards so that children in particular can crawl through it and train their coordination skills. On the tennis court and in many other sports, the tyre can be used as a target marker when hitting or throwing the ball. The Toolz fitness tyre can also be used as a normal Hula Hoop tyre. By rhythmically moving your upper body, you can increase your core stability and train the coordination of your body parts. The Hula Hoop tire can also be swung around other body parts such as arm, foot or shoulder to strengthen the participating muscles.

Product information:

  • Tyres with a diameter of approx. 80 cm
  • is ideally suited as a target marker
  • stable and very robust
  • ideal for tennis training
  • Spare part for the complete set (tires, ball net, joints and length bars)
  • Material: plastic